Belgian Wit - April 2015

We brewed this beer on Wed evening, Apr 1, 2015. This two-gallon batch was nearly identical to the version that we brewed last April. The main difference was that this time we used Wyeast 1214 Abbey Ale yeast.

Belgian Wit, one-gallon batch, all-grain recipe from the Brooklyn Brew Shop. This recipe was called "New Year Beer," and it came from their book titled Beer Making Book.

Ingredients - Two Gallon

ABV is suppose to be 8.0%.


We finished brewing late at night on Apr 1. We used two Wyeast packets, and neither one swelled up much during the few hours of resting at room temp.

No fermentation activity was noted on Thu, Apr 2.

Fermentation activity, however, was observed on Fri morning, Apr 3.


No bottling. On Tue, May 19, 2015, we finally got around to bottling. Too busy and too lazy to bottle sooner. Not surprisingly, the beer tasted bad, so we dumped it.

The beer smelled good up to about two weeks earlier, and then nothing. No smell.

Maybe the up-and-down temps fouled it. Indoor temps reached about 80 degrees in the first week of May. Then the weather cooled, so indoor temps dropped to around 60 degrees. Then back up to around 80 degrees this past weekend, and now back down to 60 degrees again due to unseasonably chilly outdoor weather.

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