Local Breweries

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As of June 2019

Along with taprooms and pubs.


4342 S. Detroit Ave. in South Toledo by early summer 2016

Chris at Black Frog Brewery plans to open a taproom in 2016 at
831 S McCord, Holland, OH.

The Black Cloister was a taproom, but last winter, it amended its license to be able to sell beer produced by other brewers and to sell other alcohol, such as bourbon and wine. The amended license also permits the Black Cloister to sell appetizer like foods, such as pretzel bites. I don't know what this license is called.

I think that a taproom license still means that the business can only sell the beer that it brews, and it cannot sell other types of alcohol, and it cannot sell its own food.

Last year, the Great Black Swamp Brewing Company made the Mucky Duck in Perrsyburg home for selling their beer.


Catawba Island Brewing

Maumee Bay Brewing Company