Red-tailed Hawk Irish Ale - April 2014

This was our first one-gallon batch. It was an Irish Red Ale kit, purchased from Northern Brewer. We bought the kit, mainly for the hardware to do one-gallon batch brewing on our stove-top. It was an extract brew.

American Homebrewers Association article titled 5 Benefits of Brewing with Extract

Our beer:

July 2014 update: I'd like to try more extract brewing at the one-gallon batch because of the shorter time required. We might be able to get extract brewing down under 2.0 hours.


The following info was culled from the instructions. [pdf file]

O.G: 1.044 READY: 6 WEEKS
1-2 weeks primary, 2-4 weeks secondary, 1-2 weeks
bottle conditioning

Note: We didn't move it to a secondary and give it more fermentation time.

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