Dumping beer and fermenting beer

On Sat, Dec 13, 2014, we dumped two batches of beer because they tasted bad. On the same day, we brewed our third beer in just over two weeks, which should help balance the universe. Here are two contrasting photos.

Over 80 bottles of beer went down the drain. We dumped five gallon batches of the Belgian Trippel and the Belgian Wit. Both tasted terrible, and they were not improving with age.

The trippel was also severely over-carbonated. When Deb opened the trippels, I laughed at the geysers, which shot several inches into the air, but she didn't think it was funny.

Back in the summer, we enjoyed the one-gallon versions of these beers, so maybe our five-gallon process is off.

These things happen. It's probably tough for a homebrewer to go undefeated.

Here are the new family members, maturing in front of the upright grand piano that nobody plays.

From left to right: Apple Crisp Ale, Belgian Blonde Ale, and Chocolate Maple Porter.

Corresponding ages: one-hour-old, seven-days-old, and 17-days-old.

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